ICQ is the best all around online communications package that you can
get to communicate with anyone and everyone.
ICQ lets you see when your friends are online, as well as be able to
chat with them and send files, and these are just the basics!
!!!Best of all, it's FREE!!!
I now have the .exe for ICQ on my webpage!!
Click below to download YOUR copy of ICQ!
Trust me!  GET IT!

So, you think your GOOD at Descent!?
Well, PROVE IT!  Go head to head against some of the hardest enemies, REAL PEOPLE!
Kahn is a multiplayer forum that lets you play Descent 1 and 2
along with any other game that supports IPX format net games.
While there are other programs, I exclusively recommend Kahn to
anyone who wants to play some SERIOUS Descent against
SERIOUS opponents!  With the Win95 version you get a free
21 day trial membership!  If you like it, simply pay a
ONE TIME fee of $15.00.  Or, if you prefer, there is also
a DOS Kahn*.  This version is lets Win 3.1 users play along
with the rest of us. Also great for Win95 users, since D1 and D2
were made for DOS anyway!
So, go ahead, go get it!  Install it and I'll see YOU in Kahn!
Who knows, maybe if you ARE good enough you might just beat me!
DOS and Win95
*DOS Kahn can be rather difficult to connect to at first.
If you have problems connecting to DOS kahn, then please come
back to my special help page.

Interplay's Descent Site
WarpCore.org, Guess what, it's another large D2 site.
MOC,The current clan I'm in...hey, I enjoy it!
Official SWT Disclaimer