Listing of contents: First is a link to Interplay (fingernailed above), second is link to my personal screenshots of Descent 2 (fingernailed just below), following that is the listing of some Descent 2 levels that I have aquired through time. At the end of the page is a few additional products for the Descent fanatics out there! Also linked to this page is the largest archieves of Descent and Descent 2 levels! (fingernailed at bottom of page)

This page was built by TBK of The Black Dawn!

I hope you enjoy this page.

Some screenshots of mine!


The following levels are all for Multiplayer Descent 2
They are Zipped for obvious reasons.
Level Name
Size of File


A multiplayer jousting level!

32 KB

Bad Lands

A LARGE fast moving level

80 KB

Black Dawn Rules

A level designed by TBK for multiplayer or single player

35 KB

Dark Hall

A medium sized level, fast moving.

6 KB

Dark Hall Pro

A modified version of Dark Hall

12 KB

A Movie Theater in Germany
(For translation read .txt)

138 KB

Destination Saturn

This is acutally a Descent 1 level from a bundle CD.
It has been converted to Descent 2 format.

30 KB


A large level for multiplayers. Has water floors!

34 KB

Katmandu Minerva

This is a VERY modified version of Minerva.
Named after a good friend of mine: Katmandu.

53 KB


The original Minerva from Descent 1 converted to Descent 2
format, nothing more, nothing less

15 KB

Minerva 2

Basically the same as Minerva but with
Descent 2 weapons and afterburners

17 KB

Minerva V1.2

A modified version on Minerva 2

14 KB

The original NYSA converted with a few tricks.
Watch out for the TRAP!

15 KB

Speed Racer Pro

What can I say....the title says it all



This is my own personally modified verison of Minerva!
Has an extremly large "playroom" in it.

31 KB


A small level, with a large twist in it....makes me dizzy

11 KB

Water Arena

A really LARGE level.
Great four player level!

11 KB

Descent 2 Goodies!

Product name

Description of the Product

Size of File

Macro Editor

Allows you to add color to your Marcos.

321 KB

Patch Version 1.2
This is a patch for D2 v1.1 - taking you to v1.2
Anyone playing needs to have this patch!

800 KB

Descent 2 Theme

For those of you with Mircosoft Win95 PLUS,
a Descent2 desktop theme!

1,049 KB


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