Connecting to KAHN via DOS

I understand the problems that occur when connecting to DOS Kahn.  It can prove to be rather difficult and takes a while to get going, particularly when you don't have anyone to help you.  That is why I have listed the steps to connect to Kahn via DOS.

First, make sure that you have downloaded the DOS-kahn file (Zipped) and Klos PPP file (.exe).  Located on the Star Gate Networks' webpage.   Once you are sure you have all the files you will simply exit to a DOS environment.  That is, totally exit any Windows applications and go to a 100% PURE DOS environment (This is extremely important!)  My advice is to save the files into a directory close to your D2.  Mine is located in C:\games\Kahn.

From there you will type in:


This will start the setup process.  You will simply configure your system to locate your modem and what number it needs to dial to connect to your ISP.   Once you have done that exit and save as .cfg file. It is important that you save it as a .cfg file! (This option is provided to you).  From there you will be back at the dos prompt and you will type in:


Once the Klos PPP is running you will have to press the ESC key to clear the screen.  Press ENTER at the"CONNECT" option.  Then press ENTER at the "CURRENT" option.   After you connect and enter your name and password you must hit ALT  S !!!!  DO NOT HIT ALT X FOR EXIT!!!!  (This is the most common mistake)!

Once you have done this your computer will take a few seconds to talk to your ISP and then you will have a new and different menu presented to you.  This is the BEST way of knowing if you actually connected to your ISP.

After connecting you will scroll down to the "EXIT" option and press ENTER.  Once out it will perform a few functions that  are written in the go.bat file.  After that, so long as it shows a list of names, you are connected.

Once you are connected and the names have scrolled through, you will need to type in:


This will activate a chat room.  Someone will ALWAYS be there! GUARANTEED!  Once there, try to get a game going with someone.  Once you do, simple type in  "/quit".

This will exit you back to the DOS prompt again.  Once there you will need to go to your C:\Games\Descent2 directory and type in:

    C:\games\descent2\D2 -joypolled -playermessages -shortpackets -pps 5

Choose the character you want to play, then go to the multiplayer option.  Once there you will either "join and IPX game" or you will "Start and IPX game"  It is that simple.

Allows your joystick to work more efficiently.
Stops the annoying messages of "You already have XXX missiles" etc.
Automatically checks shortpacket Xfer (For a smoother D2 experience).
-pps 5
Sets pps (Packets Per Second) to 5.
PPP Kloss
A Program that lets you connect to your ISP through DOS.
A chat program that lets you connect to IRC through DOS.
A program that lets you play ANY IPX game through the Internet.

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